The Art Of Smoking A Premium Cigar

22 March 2021
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

Smoking is sometimes seen as an undesirable habit, but in certain situations, it can be a real art form. One of these situations is if you happen to have a premium cigar. Those who make these premium cigars put a lot of time and effort into selecting just the right tobacco, rolling it in just the right way, and capping the cigar neatly. It would be a shame not to enjoy such a lovely product in a deeply artistic way. Here's how you do that.

Cut the cigar end cleanly.

You might bite the end of a cheap cigar or nip it with scissors, but this is no way to artistically smoke a premium cigar! To encourage a high-end cigar to burn as evenly as possible, which will give you the most enjoyable smoke possible, you need a nice, clean cut. A sharp knife works just fine. Or, you can buy a cigar cutter, which is easier to use when you're standing up outside.

Fill your whole mouth with smoke.

In order to get the full flavor of the smoke, you really need to let the smoke fill your entire mouth. This way, it comes into contact with taste buds on all parts of your tongue. Draw in slowly, but uniformly until your mouth is full. Resist the urge to actually inhale — which might be tough if you're used to smoking cigarettes! Let the smoke linger in your mouth for a moment before gently blowing it out. Some people even prefer to just open their mouths and let the smoke float out on its own.

Rotate the cigar as you smoke.

Every time you take a puff, turn the cigar a half turn. This will help keep the cigar from canoeing. Canoeing occurs when one side of the cigar burns faster than the other. While canoeing won't necessarily affect the quality of the smoke, it will mean that a whole lot of your premium cigar ends up going to waste — and that is not a desirable fate for such an artistic product.

Smoke the whole thing.

While you can let the cigar burn out and then re-light it later on, it won't taste quite the same. So, it really is best to enjoy a premium cigar in its entirety. If smoking a whole one is too much for you, then find a friend to share with. Just make sure they know the rules of smoking artistically, too.

Smoking a premium cigar is one way of enjoying a real work of art. With the tips above, you'll be making the most of the experience. For more information about cigars, like Alec Bradley cigars, contact a local dealer.