3 Tips For Metal Weed Hand Pipe Kit Users

2 June 2020
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

Metal hand pipes are an inexpensive way to enjoy your favorite type of cannabis. A metal hand pipe kit will give you everything you need to get started, and the DIY aspects of the kit will appeal to anyone who loves to build crafts. There are some guidelines you can follow to make sure you have the best experience with your new metal hand pipe. Here are three things everyone who uses a metal hand pipe kit should do.

1. Store the pieces of your pipe kit somewhere safe.

Metal hand pipe kits are unusual because they allow people to create their own pipes using prefabricated pieces. The pieces fit together in various ways to allow you to create different styles of hand pipe to suit your unique needs. Some of these pieces are quite small and easy to lose. Ensure you always have access to the full range of your kit's capabilities by storing the pieces in a safe place. Get a box or zip-top bag specifically to store your metal hand pipe kit so it's always ready when you need it.

2. Keep your hand pipe away from moisture.

Metal hand pipes are often crafted from aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent material for the job because it is lightweight and heat resistant, so it won't burn your hand during use. Aluminum can even be anodized in a splendid range of vibrant colors. Unfortunately, aluminum can corrode if it's exposed to moisture and humidity. Keep your hand pipe in excellent condition by storing it in a dry location. Many people find their bedroom a suitable storage area. If your hand pipe gets wet, dry it as soon as possible, and always allow the pieces of your hand pipe kit to dry completely after washing.

3. Try a pipe screen.

Pipe screens are optional, but many smokers find that they enhance their smoking experience. A pipe screen is placed at the bottom of the chamber which holds your cannabis. It keeps smaller pieces of ground weed from traveling through the pipe and ending up in your mouth. Some people don't like pipe screens because they feel the screens inhibit airflow, making it difficult to get an even burn. Other people love screens and think they provide a cleaner smoking experience. Experiment with both methods to find out which one you prefer. A metal hand pipe built from a kit will accommodate both smoking styles.

For more information, contact a metal weed hand pipe kit supplier.