3 Benefits Of Using A Glass Water Pipe

30 October 2017
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

If you smoke tobacco or cannabis, you may be wondering if trading in your regular pipe for a glass water one is a good idea. There are many benefits of using a glass water pipe, so check out these top three benefits to see if you should switch to a glass water pipe.

Smoother to Smoke

Smoke can be harsh on your lungs, but when it's extremely hot smoke, it can burn. This is a common problem with compact pipes because the hot smoke doesn't travel far before it reaches you. When you use a glass water pipe, you'll notice you get much smoother draws. Part of the reason for this is just because the smoke has to travel a little farther to reach you. However, more importantly, it travels through the water in the pipe, which cools the smoke. In some cases, you can even add ice to your water pipe to cool the smoke further.  

Easy to Use

Glass water pipes are also extremely easy to use, making them a great choice for first time users. For starters, glass water pipes don't get as hot as other types of pipes, such as metal pies. This makes them more comfortable to use. Lastly, when you get a glass water pipe, you can choose clear, which makes smoking the right amount easy because you can see how much smoke you draw at once. This is also great for people who aren't used to smoking and don't know their limits. They can see the smoke and know when to stop.  

Healthier Alternative

Another benefit of using a glass water pipe is that it is a healthier alternative, particularly for tobacco use. The water in the pipe doesn't just create smoother pulls. It works as a filtration system too. After you use a water pipe, you'll notice it may become stained or the water will change colors to yellow or brown. Part of this is because the water is pulling some of the toxins from the tobacco and other substances, so they don't get into your lungs. Keep in mind, however, that it is easy to accidentally take bigger draws from a water pipe than a normal pipe.

There are many different ways to smoke your tobacco or cannabis; however, a glass water pipe is one of the best methods because it is smoother and healthier. If you would like more information about glass water pipes, or if you want to start shopping for one, contact a seller in your area today.